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Philosophical objections may be raised by the logical implications of building a mathematical structure on the premise of fuzziness, since it seems (at least superficially) necessary to require that an object be or not be an element of a given set. From an aesthetic viewpoint, this may be the most satisfactory state of affairs, but to the extent that mathematical structures are used to model physical actualities, it is often an unrealistic requirement.. . . Fuzzy sets have an intuitively plausible philosophical basis. Once this is accepted, analytical and practical considerations concerning fuzzy sets are in most respects quite orthodox. James Bezdek Professor, Computer Science, 1981

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The individual elements in the universe X will be denoted as x . The features of the elements in X can be discrete, countable integers or continuous valued quantities on the real line. Examples of elements of various universes might be as follows: The clock speeds of computer CPUs The operating currents of an electronic motor The operating temperature of a heat pump (in degrees Celsius) The Richter magnitudes of an earthquake The integers 1 to 10



Most real-world engineering processes contain elements that are real and non-negative. The first four items just named are examples of such elements. However, for purposes of modeling, most engineering problems are simplified to consider only integer values of the elements in a universe of discourse. So, for example, computer clock speeds might be measured in integer values of megahertz and heat pump temperatures might be measured in integer values of degrees Celsius. Further, most engineering processes are simplified to consider only finite-sized universes. Although Richter magnitudes may not have a theoretical limit, we have not historically measured earthquake magnitudes much above 9; this value might be the upper bound in a structural engineering design problem. As another example, suppose you are interested in the stress under one leg of the chair in which you are sitting. You might argue that it is possible to get an

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