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The Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson was elected twice for office. His second election was highly influenced by the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was the highlight of Jefferson’s first term and lead to new heights in the newly-born America. The purchase was successful through Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and Napoleon Bonaparte. First, the Louisiana Purchase was claimed by Spain. Although claimed, tribes still occupied the area. This territory was traded back to France (France had initial claim of the land until they ceded it to Spain after the French and Indian War) for parts of Tuscany. At the time of the treaty, Napoleon did not have the area of Tuscany. He had promised the Spanish that he would conquer the are in …ver más…

Later he realized there was nothing in the Constitution that was against acquiring land for the benefit of the United States. Not only was he cautious about whether or not he could make the purchase, but he was also concerned if Napoleon was planning to do something against the United States. Throughout his thinking process, he had spies making sure there were no threats in the territory waiting to attack the United States after the purchase. After plenty of thinking and time to make sure that there was no twist in the deal, he finally concluded that he should buy the territory. The purchase of the Louisiana Territory made the united States twice as big. After a while, the United States occupied the territory through wars and treaties with the Native Americans that originally occupied the area. Not only did it benefit the new nation as a whole, but because of the huge benefit, Jefferson gained a lot of political popularity. With so many people on his side, Jefferson swept the next election. Jefferson had a very successful first term, with the Louisiana Territory being a huge benefactor. In the end, it was like a team effort that brought the United States to such success. With the help of Monroe, Jefferson and Napoleon, the whole United States not only got new land for 60 million francs, but also did it without any disputes or wars with any foreign country. Without the Louisiana Purchase, we might have still been in stuck in the the first 13

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