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The Diary Of Anne Frank
A Summary Up To Page 60

Anne Frank was a 13 year-old girl in 1942. She was from Germany, but her family moved to Netherlands because of the Nazi Party. The book consists of a diary redacted by Anne during the years of the Nazi Party and the way Jewish people had to live to save their own life. It is a story that begins in 1942 and ends in 1944, the day before the Frank Family got captured. The book starts with Anne’s description of her 13th birthday, where we can assume her life before the Holocaust was perfect. Then, one day, Otto and Edith Frank, her parents told her they will move to an apartment in Prinsengracht, where Otto worked. Margot, Anne’s sister, was
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Anne usually kept calm and quiet and sometimes Otto defended her daughter. Anne started to be criticized by her own mother, which made her uncommonly mad and stressed. The 7 Hidden had to use their wit to finish some common tasks, like bathing. The Frank and the Van Daan Family used a washtub in the lower floor and all seven take turns to make use of “that great luxury.” During the hiding, some of the Frank’s friends got captured by the Gestapo. People captured by the latter ended up in Westerbork, a Jewish concentration camp in Drente. According to the book, it is “terrible: only one washing cubicle for a hundred people and not nearly enough lavatories.” Men, women and children slept together. It was impossible to escape; people usually got shaven and they had the natural Jewish appearance. The English radio reported that some Jewish were gassed. Anne's stories from November 7 began to explain that hes mother was better to Margot. Anne declared that she did not really care that her mother acted like that, because she knew that Edith and Margot always supported each other. On Tuesday, November 12, 1942, the 7 Hidden decided that they had room for one more person. After considering a lot of people, the hidden ones chose a dentist called Fritz Pfeffer (appears as Albert Dussel). He was known to be quiet and calmand her wife was fortunate enough to be out of the country when war broke out. When he arrived, he was known as a nice man.

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