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Soolety of PetroleumEngineersI

I. Marzouk,


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; Company Ltd. (Japan).

H. Takezaki

and M. Miwa, Abu Dhabi Oil

Copyright 1995, Socmty of Petroleum Engineers, Inc. Thus paper was prepared for presentation at the SPE Middle East Oil Show held m Bahrain, 11-14 March 1995. Thts paper was selected for prasantatmn by an SPE Program Committee following rewew of mformat!on contained m an abstract submitted by the author(s). Contents of the paper, as presented, have not been rewewed by the Society 01 Petrolem E“gmeers a“d are subject to correction by the author(s). The material, as presented, dces not necessarily reflect
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Reviewing nettability data of the l%amama reservoirs at several oil fields in Abu Dhabl has highlighted repeated observations and problems. Examples of these observations and problems are as follows: nettability with sample - Variation of preparation method in the laboratory, where preserved samples usually show more oil wet character and cleaned samples show more water wet character. Restored samples on the other hand shows less oil wet and sometimes more oil wet character compared with the preserved samples (Fig. 1). - Variation of nettability with the relative level from the FWL, where oil zone shows oil wet, transition zone shows mixed wet and water zone shows water wet character (Fig. 2). - Variation of nettability with rock type, where good reservoir rocks shows more oil wet and poor reservoir rocks shows more water wet or mixed nettability (Fig. 3).
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Several geological and petrophysical evidences and examples were discussed in this paper. 1. INmmwmm Original-On-In-Place and recoverable oil resaves are extremely important factors in oil exploration and production. Approximately SOYO of the main energy source of the world is considered unrecoverable. One of the main reasons behind this is the nettability of the oil reservoirs. Due to its importance, several research projects on nettability were carried out during the last decade by major

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