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Sara Paretsky grew up in eastern Kansas, where she attended a small country school. The publishing bug bit Paretsky early -- at age 11, her first published story appeared in the magazine The American Girl. It was about children surviving a Kansas tornado. She attended the University of Kansas for her undergraduate degree, but after spending a summer in Chicago doing community service work, she fell in love with the Windy City and decided after college to make the move permanent.

Paretsky eventually earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago but had a hard time finding a job as an academic, so she returned to school for an M.B.A., after which she started working full-time in marketing. (In order
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Bernard was the real name of Vic´s cousin but everybody knew him as Boom Boom he was a former ice-hockey star who used to play with the Black Hawks until he shattered his left ankle, that is why he got a job at Eudora Grain Company which is a great lake shipping industry
After Boom Boom´s funeral Vic met a pretty young woman who said she was Boom Boom´s girlfriend named Paige Carrington, she was a dancer. When Vic found her in Boom Boom´s apartment shuffling papers she started to suspect her.
The next day Vic met Eudora´s vice-president Clayton Phillips, she wanted him to show her where her cousin went in, but he could just said to her the same old thing, that is her cousin just slipped and fell in. Later he led her to Niels Grafalk the ship´s owner, and she started to met more important people as the chief engineer on the Lucella Wieser (the ship where her cousin fell) and Martin Bledsoe the owner of the Pole Star Line which included Lucella, when those men started to talk she found some strange friction between them.

The other day when Vic return to Boom Boom´s apartment she found a mess and the watchman was dead, the detective went after Paige to asked her some questions.
When things got more

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