Resumen fly away home(volando a casa) ingles

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Fly Away Home

The story is about a 14 years-old girl named Amy, who used to live with her mother until a car accident took hers mother life, a month later her father took her to live with him in a farm in Ontario, Canada. At the beginning she refuses her new life, because she didn’t see her father since she was three, besides she thought that he was weird and things like that.

Thomas Alden , her father, an artist, inventor, naturalist ,etc..
Later, Amy finds out that her father had a girlfriend, Susan, at first she treat her like treat her father, she don’t want her in her life. Some day before to go to school, she saw a few construction vehicles near the forest, and went to investigate … she found a bunch of geese eggs, she
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Amy panics and lands immediately to come to her father's aid.
He is slightly injured with a dislocated shoulder, and his ultralight is damaged by the landing, but he tells her that if they wait for help, it might be too late. He tells Amy they are too close to their destination and that she should go on without him. Reassuring her that she has the natural talent as well as her mother's spirit alongside her, she then returns to fly off in her aircraft, continuing the remainder of the journey with the geese alone. Thomas then hitches a ride with participants of the land strike while Amy flies the last leg of the journey on her own.
While flying over the town of Newhope, Amy gains the excited attention of the town's citizens who gaze on in awe as she flies overhead. Thomas soon arrives at the sanctuary before Amy and requests that the crowd quiet down so they can listen for Amy and her aircraft, the geese stay always near the aircraft, they feel safe because they trust Amy, they love her.
After a short amount of time, Amy's aircraft and the geese appear over a hill and are greeted enthusiastically by the entire crowd as she circles to land, everybody were shouted of joy, Amy was excited because they finally had arrived at the sanctuary. The geese land in a nearby lake. Amy get off of the aircraft and her father and all the people went to her, and

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