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Vintage Cigar Factory 2010
Vintage Cigar Factory S de R.L. is a manufacturer of Premium Handmade cigars located in Danli, El Paraiso, Honduras. The factory is located in the heart of Honduras tobacco growing region and one of the most important places in cigar production worldwide.
Honduras has a long history in tobacco; this story begins with the Mayans who used the tobacco in rituals and religious ceremonies. The tobacco was known by the Spanish in 1942 with the arrival of Columbus. It is not known with accuracy the exact location of the origin of tobacco but Honduras has a rich history in planting, processing and manufacturing tobacco.
Due to the properties of soil, perfect climate, skilled human resources and decades of experience
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The fields are constantly water to make the plant grow; also protective techniques against bugs and insect are used to protect the fields from damage. Each tobacco plant is water more than 150 times in the whole process, this is necessary to get the best result, the lack of water or good soil can produce a low quality tobacco with no strength and flavor. That’s why thousand of meter of water pipes are put in the field to water the plant.
Water pipes store at the warehouse
Vintage Cigar Factory 2010
Watered pipes and system used in the fields.
During this process the plant nourished from the rich soil and the water provided. This makes the leaves oily and full of flavor. The leaves have to be cut in the right time in the morning, not too early because it is too cold and never on a rainy day, early in the morning in a sunny and windy day is the perfect time. All the leaves are handpicked in the direction of the ripening process. The first pick is the lower leaves, then the middle leaves and then the upper leaves, each with 7 days in difference; this gives the plant the time to pull all his strength to the remaining leaves.
Tobacco leaves picked
The Drying Process
Immediately after the

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