Resumen por capitulos de "a tale of two cities"

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Chronicle of “A tale of two cities”

Chapter 1-2: This chapter shows the place and the time that the story takes place:

• England and France in 1775.

• France extreme violence and witness handmade of the guillotine and French Revolution.

• Saint Antoine is a neighbor of poor people in France.

• A wine barrel is watered and desperate people drink it from the ground. While the shop owner sees (Defarge)

• Defarge is taking care of Dr Manette recently released of the jail (Bastille).

• Dr Manette pass the time making shoes (he learnt in jail)

• Mr. Jarvis Lorry and Lucie (his daughter) traveled to France to recognize the Doctor.

Chapter 3-7: The Judge of Charles Darnay:

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• Gaspard is murdered on the guillotine for the murder of Marquis.

• Monsieur and Madame Defarge planned a revenge for the aristocracy.

Chapter 12-14:

• Charles Darnay marries with Lucie.

• Dr Manette suffered a mental disorder as he remembers how he suffered at the hands of Charles’s uncle and father.

• The Dr Stay in his room during day until Mr. lorry makes him understand what been happen.

• The revolutionaries take the prison of the Bastille and many aristocrats are being caught and executed by the crowds.

• Darnay and Lucie have a child.

• A spy visits the wine shop of Defarge.

Chapter 15-18:

• Darnay receives a letter from the bank (Gabelle) that said that he want him in France in order to capture him.

• Darnay is arrested for a second time and the jury decides to send him to the guillotine.

• The defarges accuse Darnay using as evidence a handwritten letter from Dr. Manette showing how Darnays uncle and father put in prison the doctor without a trial.

Chapter 18-20:

• Barsad agrees to help Carton reach Darnay in prison and Carton buys some medicine.

• Darnay is accused by the defarges and is declared guilty by the judge.

• A paper is read out that was written by Dr. Mannette ( a proof against Charles)

Chapters 23-27:

• Sydney Carton makes a bold plan to get Darnay out of jail and save him from the guillotine.

• He

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