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Mark was eleven and Ricky was eight. They were brothers. They lived in Menphis, Tennessee.


1. Mark was like a father to Ricky. Give examples.

He taught Ricky how to throw a football and ride a bike. He warned him against drugs and protected him from their father, who was usually drunk an had often beaten Mark and their mother.

2. What did the fat, bald man do after he got out of the car?

He had left the engine on. He was holding a hose (manguera) and he put one end of it into the tail pipe of the car and the other end into the left back window which was a little open. Then he got back into the car and closed the door. (He was trying to kill himself. The gasoline
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Describe briefly what Romey (Clifford) did after he got out of the car and began to cry.

He pulled himself onto the back of the car and sat against the back window, with his legs in front of him. Very carefully, he put the gun into his mouth. A second later, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. (He killed himself)


1. WHAT was Ricky´S reaction immediately after Clifford shot himself?

Ricky immediately began to run towards the trailer park (His home was a trailer). Mark run after his brother.

2. Why did Mark call 911 to report the suicide?

Because if he didn´t make the call, Romey´s body might not be found for several days.

3. What two lies did Mark tell Hardy?

(Hardy was the Police Sergeant. Dianne was the children´s mum)

One of the lies was he had had a fight at school and hurted his face. The other lie was they were in the woods and they saw a dead man, lying on the back of the car with a gun in his hand.


1. Why was it a good thing that Muldanno´s trial might be postponed?

(Roy Foltrigg was the United States District Attoney in New Orleans)

Because they would have more time to find the body. Without the body, it would probably be imposible to prove that Muldanno had killed him. And this fact would help him if he decided to run for election to the United States Senate.

2. What did Foltrigg do to find out if Clifford had told anyone about the location of

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