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Al long, long time ago, in 1911 the South Pole was not like we know today; because now there is a building where people work and where planes can arrive easily; but nine decades ago, that things didn't exist and any person has arrive there.
In the year 1911, two men tackled a very long crossed with their crew; these men were the captain Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen
Everyone of them made long and tired crossed and passed hunger, cold and other bad things.
In honor to these two heroes and in honor of their prowess in Antartica there is a building called Amundsen-Scott.
The captain Scott was English and he leave London with his men in his ship, the Terra Nova, on June 1st of 1910.
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Three days kater, two ponies died.
Amundsen's men were faster tah Scott's men, Scott's men were late in find 80º, they lost 24 days.
Their camp was an island on the ices, and it moved a lot. There were holes, and they lost 7 ponies and a motor slege.
The sky was very dark, it was dark for four months. Outside Framheim, the temperature was of -60º.
Norwegians, worked a lot, one of them, change the skis and the sleges, and they were faster and better after that.
They always were worried for the race, for the final journey to the Pole... Amundsen every day thought about Scott and some day, he had the idea of start before British men because, he knew that they were more. He thought that they could start on August 24th, the day that sun came back. Not all the men were agreed but at the end Amundsen decide it.
Englishmen didn't spoke about Amundsen and they didn't worked a lot. They were dedicating their time to reading books, to writing a newspaper and to playing football. They didn't dedicate their time to profitabler things, like as learning ski or to improve the motor sledges.
They made two long journeys, and themselves pulled the sledges. Oates looked after the ponies.

Scott planned in a map of the Antarctic, a line that was from the Cape Evans to the Pole, and in the South Pole,he drew an UK flag. After that, he put it over the window.
When August 23rd arrived, the came up. They started but it

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