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7 de enero de 2012 The withered arm

The withered arm is a history about a woman called Rhoda Brook who one day hurt a girl in a dream; when she was young Rhoda was a handsome girl. In the past she used to have a relationship with farmer Lodge as a result they had a son. Farmer Lodge is an old man who owns a big dairy farm; one day he brings home his new wife her name was Gertrude. Gertrude was a beautiful young woman with a pink and white face, with blue eyes and a red pretty mouth she is Farmer Lodge´s wife. Rhoda Brook was a sad milkmaid who never got married she felt in love with the farmer Lodge. One day Gertrude a pretty young woman arrived in the town she was Farmer Lodge new wife, Rhoda feels very sad, she want to know who
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She didn´t want to look at the young woman´s withered arm. When they arrived an old man was waiting for them he looked at Rhoda strangely and felt afraid, Rhoda stayed outside and watched through the open door. Conjurer Trendle filled a glass with water and made a spell he shape he moved about and made a strange shape, he and Gertrude looked into the glass, the Trendle ask if she see any face that she knows Gertrude had gone very pale the Trendle shut the door and the two women started their long walk home across the bleak, dark heat. By winter a strange story was being whispered from farm to farm. People said that Rhoda Brook was the cause of Gertrude withered arm. Six unhappy years passed for Farmer Lodge and his young wife, Gertrude couldn´t find a cure for her arm she spend all her money on medicines and charms. Gertrude visit the Trendle for last time she said that she knows that he cured many people she couldn´t understand why the Trendle can´t cure her withered arm. The Trendle said that there is one way of curing her arm but it was too difficult for a woman he said “your arm must touch a man who has been hanged, you must put your arm against his neck” The Trendle explain to Gertrude what he need to do firstable go to Casterbridge then go to the jail and pay the hangman to let her in. On Friday afternoon, Gertrude told her servant that she was going to visit a friend and she would return the next day she did not

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