Resumen y Traduccion Libro The Happy Prince

1702 palabras 7 páginas
There is a big city in the north of Europe a big square, in the middle of this there a very beatiful statue is the happy prince.

there are leaves of gold all over his body.

he has got two sapphires instead of eyes.

At the top of his sword is a large ruby.

People walk in the square and looks at the statue the happy prince.

"Aren't we lucky?" they say. " We have a beatiful statue in our city"

-------------------------------------------------------------There is a little swallow by the river.

He is in love with a beatiful reed.

Says Swallow to the Reed "Please, please come to Egypt with me"

Says the swallow "winter is comming"

" It is very cold here in winter"

The Reed is still smiling she does not move
…ver más…
The prince is happy again.

The sparrows they are surprised, and asks why is he still here

When the swallow says goodbye the statue say "please stay with me one night"

Now the prince want taht the

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