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CONSONANTS Order of presentation: The order in which one presents consonants to children is often a matter of personal preference – there are many different studies available that suggest one method is superior to another. Just keep in mind that you do not have to present the letters in alphabetical order. Every child is an individual – what works perfectly for 85% of the kids out there, may not be the correct approach for your child. If he is having a tough time with the approach being used, try a different one. How did I do it with my girls? I ended up combining approaches. We did the letters m, r and v(based on reliability) to give Tasha (and myself! ) some comfort whit learning our letters using letters that only make one …ver más…

You can use the same activity later on for final letters of words. STAND UP, SIT DOWN: The children should each be given a consonant. You can give sheets of paper with consonants written on them or items (like a toy doll). The teacher or parents should say words. Each time a word is said that begins with the same letter as theirs the child should stand up. If a word is said with a different letter than theirs they should sit down. You can use the same activity later on for final letters of words. CONSONANTS INTRODUCTION Consonants produce sounds that are more consistent and easier to identify than vowels. Therefore, they make a good starting point for learning to read. Initially, work should be done on identifying beginning consonant sounds (ex: t-t-t-tulip). After that, activities can focus on identifying final consonant sounds (ex: cat ends with the t-t-t sound) When children learn to recognize the sounds of consonants at the beginning and end positions of words, they gain the ability to look at a word and make a reasonable guess as to what it might be. Viewing the word in the context of picture will help reinforce this skill. (For example, a picture of a dog with the word DOG underneath. The ability to sound out the D and G will help the child identify that word is DOG, not puppy or dalmation ) APPROACH 1: RELIABILITY Some teachers like to deal with the letters based on their reliability (in other words, how many

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