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Robin Hood is a legend and a hero. There are a lot of medieval ballads about Robin Hood’s life and adventures. It is probable that he really lived in Sherwood Forest at the beginning of the l3th century, but we are not sure.
Today there are numerous storics, poems apd films about Robin Hood and bis outlaws. Robin took from the rich and gaye to the poor. He created justice ar a time when there was none. This is why he became a legendary hero.
Robien and his men lived in sherwood forest near the town of Nortinham Today this area is called Nottingham. A Tales
Of Robin Hood Centre opened in Nottingham in 1989
Thousands of tourists visit it every year.


Robin Hood was born near the
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‘A friend uf King Rl ch ifd i s a fricnd of mi nc!’
John Little was very surpriscd. Thcn thc two men cmhraccd and 1-, 9c’(inr fr p.n i\UW L2IaL VUU are an uutiaw, von mnst eflange ycur name. Your new Haflie IS Little Juilil.
Rohin took Little John to the secret hiding place in the forest. The oudaws welcomed Little John with a big meal.
Little John w1s an expert sword maker. Scan every outlaw had a new sword. The outlaws liked Little John because he was friendly and kind. At night, everyoñe sat around the ire and listened to his stories. He toid them about his adventures in the Holy Land. 16

Acrusade is a religious war. The rnost farnous crusades wcre tu Jerusalem aud the Holy Land.
For centuries, Christians visited Jerusalem aud the Holy
Land. Thcy were called pilgrims. They wanted to see the places wherc
Christ lived. The Arabs, who ruied the Holy Land, treated thc pilgrims weli. The Arabs were Muslims, but they respected ti-te
Ch r i sria n s - -
In the 1 lth century, the Turks conquereil the Arabs. The Turks wcrc
Muslims roo. llut they did not iike the Christians. They caused problerns for them.
Europeans got spiccs in the Holy Land.
Spices were very important becuse they were used to preserve food Europe wanted the Holy Land tu be open. to cveryone. The headof the Crhistian Chured, pope Urban II, decided to fight the Turks. Thi s was the First Crusade

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