Rules of life

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Edwin Tamayo C
10 de mayo de 2010 CHAPTER | MAIN IDEA | 5 SUPPORTING DETAIS OF EACH | I | An stranger making contact with Mr. mandino in a barber shop and he provided the title of the book “ a better way to live” | 1) Mr. Mandino planned, in a new book, to introduce and explain principles that the readers applied in their lives, almost immediately. 2) Mr. Mandino needs a title first, a banner around which he could rally his thoughts and feelings constantly, not only when he was at the type-writer but also when he was away from it. 3) The mandino´s books are great and are utilized with many people to help other people. 4) There are approximately fifty five thousand new books published each
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21) Success through a positive mental attitude by W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill was son unlike most of the current “ success “ book of that era, which usually promised , on garish jackets, miraculous changes in your life, generally, within thirty days and after just one reading. 22) He got other gift from God. While he was studying and learning from Stone and Hill´s great book, he met a very special lady and felt in love. She

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