Scandal In Bohemia

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My name is Dr John Watson. I am a friend of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. I got married a few months ago. After I got married, I did not see Holmes very often. He stayed at his house on Baker Street. He was busy with the study of crime. Sherlock Holmes solves mysteries that the police cannot solve. One night, I decided to visit Holmes. I rang the bell. He was happy to see me. I sat down and he offered me a cigar. Then he stood in front of the fire and looked at me. You look well. Married life is good for you, he said. And I can see that you are working as a doctor again. I also know that you went to the countryside this week, and that you have a careless servant girl. My dear Holmes. I said you are very clever. It is true that I …ver más…
But how do you know? Holmes did not answer the question. He continued, you think that she wants to show the letters to someone – but can she think that she wants to show the letters to someone – but can she prove that you wrote them? Yes. The writing paper is mine. You can say that she stole it. The letters have my seal.

You can say that she copied the seal. But there is also a photograph. A photograph? Yes, a photograph of me with her. Oh no. that is very bad. Your Majesty was very careless. It was mad. I was only Crown Prince then. I was young. Your majesty must obtain this photograph. I tried. It was impossible. You must buy it from her. She does not want to sell it. Steal it. We tried five times. We did not find it. Holmes laughed. You have a big problem, he said. Yes and it is very serious for me. Said the king. What does Irene Adler want to do with the photograph? Holmes asked. I am going to get married soon. Said the king. To Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen. She is the daughter of the King of Scandinavia. Irene will give the photograph to Clotilde’s family. They will stop the marriage. Irene will not let me marry another woman. She loves me. I see. Are you staying in London? Yes I am staying at the Langham hotel. Ask for count von Kramm. What is miss Adler’s address? She lives at Bryon logde in St John’s Wood. Holmes wrote down the address. Good night. Your Majesty. I hope we will have

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