Sentencia c - 820/2006

942 palabras 4 páginas
The Landlady – Storyending.

The light started getting weaker than it was. The warm and cozy atmosphere started vanishing as Billy felt weak. He started feeling very tired and was not feeling well. The lady kept on smiling on him without saying a word. Billy felt like the whole stuffed animals were starting to live and to look at him. Everything was turning around. He felt nausea and he asked quickly where the toilet was. The lady said, there is no point of going to the toilet downstairs, because it was not available for guests. The young man stood up and started walking towards the stairs to get to his toilet on the upper floor. The lady stood up and helped him walk, since he could almost not held himself on his feet. The stairs felt
…ver más…

nks again for everything and he wishes her all the best and more guests in the next years, took his stuff and went out of the

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