Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Summary

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THE SPECKLED BAND Very early one morning, a young woman, went to see to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. She looked tired and unhappy, “I’m afraid, afraid of death Mr. Holmes!” she cried. She wasn’t thirty yet and she had grey hair. “Just sit down and tell us your story”, said Holmes kindly. She said her name was Helen Stoner and she lived with her stepfather, Dr. Grimesby Roylott. She said his father was dead, and his stepfather killed his servant in India, then his mother died in an accident eight years ago and her stepfather got all her mother’s money but if Helen or her sister married, he must pay € 250 every year. She said also her stepfather was more and more violent and everybody was afraid of him, his Indian wild animals and …ver más…
After this Holmes helped them to get married like a witness. That night Holmes’ had made a plan for get the photo, so he was dressed different again and both went to Irene’s house, out Irene’s house there was lot of people, and then Irene arrived by taxi, quickly a man opened the taxis’ door, and then other guy pull him and suddenly began a fight. Irene was in the middle of it, but Holmes ran to help her, then he fell down and there was blood on his face, Irene saw it so she asked to take him inside her house. Holmes put up his hand because this was a signal for Watson. When Watson saw this, he threw a smoke-stick in the room and the people out there and inside the room shouted “Fire”. After this Holmes went out and told that she showed him where the photo was because when she though there was fire she ran to get the photo and Holmes could see where it was. Then they went to Holmes house and when they arrived there, a young man hurried past them and said “Good night Mr. Sherlock Holmes”. The next day in the morning Holmes, Watson and the king went to Irene’s house, an old servant opened the door and said that Irene and her husband left England. Everybody went to the sitting room and looked for the photo on the cupboard, but there wasn’t the king’s photo, there was just another photo of Irene alone and a letter for Sherlock Holmes when she said that she busted to Holmes and that she never would show the king’s photo to

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