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The Panamanian flag was designed by Don Manuel Amador Torrero Incarnation and was produced by Doña Maria De La Ossa de Amador.
The Flag of the Republic of Panama is the most famous and important national symbols of the Republic of Panama. It consists of a rectangle divided into four quarters: the upper left is a five-pointed blue star on white background, the top right is red, the bottom left is blue, and the lower right is a five-pointed red star on white.Baptism of the Flag On December 20, 1903 took place the baptism of the logo and were chosen as sponsors Dr. Gerardo Ortega with Mrs. Lastenia Lewis and Don José Agustín Arango with Doña Manuela M. Arosemena. It fell to Rev. Fray Bernardino de la Concepción García blessing.Legal
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On 27 of the same month, the Interim Governing Board, composed of J. A. Arango, Tomas Arias and Manuel Espinosa Batista, signed along with the official described above, Decree No. 19, which was created ... Jury of five people competent to make the choice to be taken ..., built by Cyrus L. Urriola Jeronimo De La Ossa, Manuel E. Amador, Ricardo M. Arango and Juan Mendez, pointing to a period of eight days to discharge their duties. "Extract of research in original documents from the

The national flower of Panama is the orchid known as "flower of the Holy Spirit, whose scientific name is Peristeria elata . Se caracteriza por tener pétalos de un color marfil intenso, adornados en el centro de su libelo con una bien definida y delicada paloma que florece en los meses de julio a octubre. [ 1 ] It is characterized by petals of a deep ivory, adorned in the center of his pamphlet with a well-defined and delicate dove that blooms in the months of July to October.

[1]Fue declarada “flor nacional de Panamá” el 21 de octubre de 1980 por la Asamblea Nacional de la República de Panamá.It was declared a "national flower of Panama on 21 October 1980 by the National Assembly of the Republic of Panama. Es una especie de orquídea cuyos pétalos son de color blanco e incluso marfil. It is a

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