Simulacro de desalojo

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Halo the fall of Reach
By Eric Nylund

The setting of this story is at planet Reach and other parts of space, at the 2500´s, in the future. this story is science fiction. The main character of this story is John-117 (or master chief) he is an infantry soldier, he is very athletic and strong. He has an arrogant attitude; he is also very serious, and smarter than other characters.

It was August 17, 2517, when Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes were going to planet reach to see a six year old kid named, John, at planet Reach. John was one of the 150 children who posses rare genetic markers, that make him suitable for the project SPARTAN-II. When Dr. Halsey and Lieutenant Keyes arrived they watch that all the kids chosen
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Each was going to be set alone, with a piece of a large map, they had to meet somewhere join all the pieces then go to the extraction point, the last one to arrive to the extraction point was going to be left behind. John was worried, not that he wouldn’t make it, he knew he was going to be the forts one, he was worried about who would not make it, he didn’t wanted anyone to be left behind. Everyone agreed that they were going to meet at a lake, then they would all go together to the extraction point. When they were arriving to the airplane (the extraction point) they noticed that a group of men was guarding the airplane, they didn’t had uniform, so they were not the guards. John had an idea, Kelly was the fastest there so she was going to call the attention of the bad guys, they were going to go after her, and then Sam was going to pretend his leg was broken, he was going to be in the floor shouting and crying, then the rest were going to attack him. It worked so Kelly called the attention of another guy; they were about 4 bad guys. All of them went after Kelly, but 4 bad guys were nothing against 75 9 year old special trained kids. John enter to the airplane to see that everything was fine, then all of them got inside, and fly to the military base. Chief Mendez told John that the men they attacked were the guards that were taking them to the base, John told him that they didn’t had uniform. It was part of the exercise. That showed that John was a good leader, so they

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