Sindrome de down

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I'm good at wasting time
I think lyrics need to rhyme
And you're not asking
But I'm trying to grow a moustache
I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please
And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla
Otherwise it smells like feet to me
And I, I really like it when the moon looks like a toenail
And I love you when you say my name
If you wanna know
Here it goes
Gonna tell you this
The part of me that'll show if you're close
Gonna let you see everything
But remember that you asked for it
I'll try to do my best to impress
But it's easier to let you take a guess at the rest
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain
My heart, will you ask for it, for your perusing?
At times confusing, slightly amusing
Introducing me
Doo doo, doo doo
…ver más…

I nunca confía en que un perro para mirar mi alimento y yo tenemos gusto de utilizar “tipo” de la palabra pues un sustantivo, o un adverbio, o un adjetivo y yo nunca realmente han estado en los coches que tengo gusto de las guitarras realmente frescas y los super héroes y los cheques con las porciones de ceros en 'amor del em I el sonido de violines y de hacer alguien sonrisa si usted desea saberla aquí van a ir a decirle esto la parte de mí eso¿demostrar si ustedes son cercano yendo deje

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