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Pan-American Launches Middle School

Beginning in February 2010, 6th and 7th grade students at Pan-American School will encounter new and exciting changes in the form of Pan-American Middle School. Many members of the school’s community have worked for months, planning and designing the structure of our new middle school. We are happy to present our collected vision of middle school and the benefits it will offer Pan-American Students. Many months ago school staff began a conversation about the possibility and benefits of establishing a middle school concept for 6th and 7th grades at Pan-American School. Research was conducted that indicated the many benefits of the middle school concept and highlighted the rewards reaped
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this classes are going to be been electives? because they have been part of the curriculum. This classes have been shown to stimulate student’s learning in the academic areas and they are critical to overall child development. Students will attend at least one elective during each school day and be offered additional opportunities during our normal co-curricular programs.


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