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Points for Understanding Answer Key

Slumdog Millionaire
Vikas Swarup


He was tied to a beam in a prison cell.

2 Because he wanted Ram to sign a piece of paper saying that he had cheated on the quiz show and that he would not take any prize.
3 Because he had never seen the woman before and he didn’t have a lawyer.
4 Ram agreed to do this because his lucky coin told him that he could trust Smita. Smita wanted to find out the truth about whether he cheated or not.


Father Timothy called the boy Ram Mohammad Thomas. The first name was Hindu, the second
Muslim and the third Christian. The names would help him to get on with people of all religions.

2 Ram learnt to speak English. He also
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Mr Ramakrishna was the manager of the chawl where the boys lived. He collected rent and looked after the building, but he did not do his job well. He did not repair things, for example the part of the first-floor wooden railing which had become weak and dangerous.

2 Their new neighbours were called Shantaram. Mr Shantaram was a short man who was about fifty years old. He was really an astronomer but was currently managing a shop. His wife had grey hair, and his daughter was older than Ram with long black hair. Mr Shantaram said that they would all be moving to a very nice apartment in Nariman Point very soon.
3 Her father had told her that Pluto was the smallest planet. The cat was very small, so she called it
Pluto too.
4 Mr Shantaram had thrown a cup of boiling tea at his wife. Gudiya had tried to save her mother and the girl’s face was badly burnt by the tea.
5 Ram promised Gudiya that her father would never hurt her again. He kept his promise by pushing
Mr Shantaram into the weak wooden railing, causing him to fall to the ground below.
6 Ram left Mumbai and went to Delhi, because he thought that he had killed Mr Shantaram. Ram was afraid that the police would arrest him and hang him.

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Slumdog Millionaire

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