Summary of "the woman in white"

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Summary of "The Woman In White"

Walter Hartright, a young and ambitious drawing teacher, unchained the most transcendental happenings of his life when a friend of his, Professor Pesca, recommended him to work at Limmeridge House. While walking home at midnight, before leaving, he met a mystifying woman completely dressed in white. He helped her get a carriage, and then learned that she had merely escaped from an asylum. A feeling of anxiety ran through him, but he decided to clear his mind and forget what he saw. The next day he traveled to Limmeridge House, where Frederick Fairlie and his two nieces, Laura and Marian, inhabited. Walter noticed that Laura resembled to the woman he had previously seen, whose actual name was Anne
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She rejected to do so, and Percival got truly irritated. Fosco calmed him down as he could, and they later discussed in private about the situation. Marian now realized that Fosco was a villain, as well. The Woman in White afterward reappeared several times at Blackwater Park, promising to reveal Laura a secret which would ruin Percival’s fate. She was never able to do it, though. Wanting to help again, during one rainy night, Marian eavesdropped on Fosco and Glyde when they were plotting a plan. She hid above the house’s verandah and listened as carefully as she could. Unluckily, being heavily exposed to the rain made her get the typhus. While she was sick, Anne was caught and Laura was tricked into travelling to London. Her identity and that of the Woman in White were switched. After arriving to Count Fosco’s place at London, Anne died of a heart problem and was buried as Laura, while Laura was placed in the asylum as Anne.
When Marian recovered, Mrs. Michelson—the only maid at Blackwater Park working by that time—put her up to date on Glyde’s and Fosco’s actions. Soon after this, Marian visited the asylum hoping to learn something from Anne, but she was surprised to find out that it was actually Laura. She corrupted the personnel and helped her escape. Walter in a little while returned, and met with Laura and Marian. They now lived together in London, determined to restore Laura’s identity.

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