Sustainability and the event industry

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This project has the goal of explain, evaluate and reflect the acquired knowledge referred to the sustainability in the event industry and how the environmental impact could be reduce, also it will talk about the different resources available and how it works, such as buying sustainable products for the use of the companies, reducing our carbon footprint, waste and recycling initiatives, to mention a few.
This essay will explain about the background of sustainability and the concept of green companies, emphasizing how these companies get benefits from turning their products and services green. Furthermore it will explain how organizations have applied different programs of
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(Ezine articles, 2010). Recycling promotes energy efficiency but more important recycling helps build a strong economy, every cost-reduction, energy efficiency, materials conservation, and job generation benefit of recycling adds up to help build a strong economy for our countries and of course recycling can be financially rewarding; recycling is a profitable option to expand a company.
As global warming continues becomes an increasingly popular topic among the world governments, more and more companies are doing their part to become environmentally responsible or "green", this means change their processes of manufacture, in to a more friendly environmental way.
In the events industry there are some programs that had been applied in some of the most important events of the world one of them is the green Olympics of Beijing, it was a program with the principal objective of produce Zero Net Emissions Games, where Beijing will minimize emissions of air pollution associated with hosting the Olympics, and obtain offsetting emissions reductions in sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants from projects and programs in China as well as through emissions trading markets around the world. Other central parts are community sustainable planning and high performance green building design (Solarcities, 2009). Using as main

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