Tarea inglés cuento suspenso

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Everything in this story is pure fiction.(This takes place in the 1960s, for future reference).
This is a story about a small city, not a really important one; the only interesting thing about it is that it had a huge hedge maze in the middle of it. Most people that live there don’t remember how long it has been there, and the oldest residents say it has been there for as long as they can remember.
It has always had this sort of aura of mystery around it, and most people don’t dare enter, supposedly years ago, a young man was “double-dared” to enter, get to the middle and go back out.
After 3 hours of waiting for him, they got tired of waiting for him, you’d think it would be big news somebody got lost in a hedge maze in the middle of a
…ver más…

“But I found this book that supposedly he wrote” You say.
As soon as you reach for the book, you notice it’s not there anymore.
“What book are you talking about, sir?” The librarian says.
“Never mind” You reply.
You’ve had it with this case, everything is so mysterious about it, and you decide it’s time to get to the bottom of it. You arrive at the entrance of it willingly to solve this case.
“He couldn’t have gone

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