Teatro guiñol

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Essential Grammar in Use Level Test
1 2 3 4 5 A You had 6 7 8 A I left 9 10 11 12 13 14 A It isn’t 15 16 17 18 ‘Where A is Amy from? ’ ‘She’s from London.’ B Amy is from? C does Amy from? C doing the children? ‘What ’ ‘Watching television.’ A the children are doing? B are the children doing? Rob A doesn’t play the guitar very well. B don’t play C not play in the morning? B do you usually get up

D no play C does you get up D Did you have

What time A are you getting up

a good holiday in America? B Did you had C Are you have B has not arrived yet . B three years ago

The taxi . A does not arrive yet Sue went to Canada A since three years

C has not arrive yet

school in 2004. B I’ve left C I’m going to watch it. D I might be
…ver más…

B did anywhere.

Have you seen my car keys? I can’t find A him B it C them D they A They dog is called Ruby. B Their C Them D Theirs

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Kate and I don’t see A themselves B us Is this your A parents B parent’s

very often. C ourselves D each other car? C parents’ C good weather English football player? . C the new ones

Did you have A a good weather

on holiday? B good weathers

Do you think David Beckham is A the best B best C a best These jeans are very old. I need to buy A a new one B some new ones People think it rains A most B most of There were A few B a little

D new one

the time in England. C every seats left on the plane and we got the last two. C little D a few C well or bad D good or badly

Did your team play ? A good or bad B well or badly ‘Is it much A further

to the airport?’ ‘No, about two miles.’ B more far C far . B more old as me C old than me D more old than me

Nina is two years A older than me My car was A not as expensive

Peter’s. B not as expensive than

C not as expensive as C the most expensive C doesn’t have enough money

Is Tokyo city in the world? A the more expensive B most expensive

Kim to buy the new dress she wants. A doesn’t have money enough B isn’t enough money

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Sam speaks A French very well

. B very well French C go

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