Tesis de la violencia

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Job Advertisement Key Information * Company Name: ENF Business Consulting. * Location: Wuhu-China (http://english.wh.cn/) * Position: Junior Sales Executive * Compensation & Benefits: * Basic Salary: 5,200 RMB/month+5% commission * Modern accommodation in a 3 bedrooms flat shared with ENF staff * Annual Company Trip * Staff’s Fun Club activities * Chinese lessons budget * Medical Insurance budget * Visa and flight ticket covered by the company * 15 days holiday * All official national holiday * Contract Period: Open contract with a minimum required period of 18 months * Website: www.enfsolar.com Company Background We are a …ver más…

* Excellent communication skills * Confident and takes initiative * Persuasive and self-motivation * Graduated with a Business-related degree. * Fluency in one of the following languages – French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean. |


1. What do you know about ENF? 2. Tell me more about your educational background? 3. Tell me a bit about your work background, and then give me a description of how you think it relates to our current opening. 4. Tell me about your normal experiences during a typical day in your current/ previous position 5. When you have a lot of work to do, how do you get it all done? Can you give me an example? 6. After learning about this opportunity, what made you take the next step and apply for the job? 7. What do you think makes a company be described as “one of the best businesses” or “best places to work” by a community? 8. Now that you have learned about our company and the position you are applying for, what hesitation or reluctance would you have in accepting this job if we offer it to you? 9. If you were offered this position, when would you be available to start? 10. Have you calculated the plus and minuses of moving abroad? 11. What questions would you like to ask

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