Tesis del libro brown eyes

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Every year, Peter and Susan go to Lea-on Sea to celebrate their anniversary, but this year things will be different. Someone is pretending to be Peter, but Why? What does he want?

German: Peter Reed
Gabriela: Susan Reed
Fabio: Stephen Griggs
Camila: Mrs. Brown (receptionist), Mary Brown (Mrs. Brown’s daughter), waitress, police officer

Peter: Good morning Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Reed. It’s good to see you again.
Peter: It’s good to be here again.
Mrs. Brown: Would you like a cup of coffee before you go to your room?
Peter: Yes, thank you!
Susan: DAWUBEGREIT (That would be great!)

Mrs. Brown goes to the back and prepares the coffee.

…ver más…

I think we lost him)
Peter: He must be somewhere
Susan: MEIBI WILSIJIM TUMORROU. LETS GOUBAK TUDE JOTEL ANJAVA DRINK (Maybe we’ll see him tomorrow. Let’s go back to the hotel and have a drink)
Peter: OK

When they arrive at the hotel they see Mrs. Brown sleeping on the couch.

Susan: LUK MISIS BRAUNISLIPIN (Look! Mrs. Brown is sleeping)
Peter: Why don’t we forget that drink and go to bed. I’m really tired
Susan: AM TAIERTU. LETS GOU (I’m tired too. Let’s go)

They both go to their room. When they get there, they notice something is wrong. The door is open

Peter: Honey, look!
Susan: DEDOR ISOPEN. OUGAD.AMSKER (The door is open. Oh, God! I’m scared)
Peter: It’s OK
Susan: NOUIRISN (No it’s not)
Peter: Maybe we forgot to lock the door
Susan: NOUWI DIRN (No, we didn’t)

They go into the room very careful. But nothing is wrong

Inside the room. Peter goes in and checks the room.

Peter: I think everything is OK
Susan: WUATS DATONDE BED (What’s that on the bed?)
Peter goes to the bed and picks up something
Peter: What the…!!
Susan: WUOT? AIWANTOSI... OUGOD! DATSA PICTEROFIUAN MI ADEBICH (What? I want to see… Oh God! That a picture of you and me at the beach)

A man with a gun comes out of darkness

The man: Yes! Very clever

Susan screams. Peter is surprised. They both look surprised at the man who looks just like Peter.

Susan: DATSDEMAN FROMDECOFIJAUS (That’s the man from the coffee house)
The man: Shut up! Or I’ll shoot

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