Test para los que estudian call center para el examen de bachillerato

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Technical Test 2008 – Services Center Executive
12. There are essential tools or devices in any office work environment. Without them many tasks would be impossible to carry out and some others slow and difficult. The first device receives and sends document renderings by transmitting graphic pictures of documents through telephone line. The other machine functions in response to orders, it has an amount of memory available for programs to run and it is made up of different parts.
The text refers to:
a. Fax /computer b. Computer /copier c. Calculator /telephone d. copier/ duplicating machine

13. A recommendation to avoid accidents when managing office equipment is:
a. Overloading filing cabinets b. use old and rotten
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Z. postpone

a. 1w,2x,3y,4z b. 1y,2z,3x,4w c. 1x,2y,3z,4w d. 1y,2x,3w,3z
23. Read the following information A. B.
I´m home __________ the flue w. out
Take care __________ yourself x. until
She will help ___________. Y.of
It can wait _________ next week. Z. with
Which is the correct association? a. 1w, 2x, 3y, 4z b. 1z,2y,3w,4x c.1z,2w, 3y, 4x d. 1y,2w,3x,4z
24. Read the following information A. B.
Can you think of anything _______ we can do? W. over
He is ___________ this week. X. soon
How ____________ can she get there. Y. away
We will go _______________ the accounts. Z.else

Which is the correct association? a. Iw,IIx, IIIy, IVz b. Iz,IIy, IIIx, IVw c. Ix, IIy, IIIw,IVx d.Iy,IIz,IIIw,IVx

25. It is the intellectual activity that consists of facilitating oral or sign communication, either simultaneously or consecutively.
a. Reading b. Translation c. Interpreting d. Transparency.
32. Technical support agent: Thanks for calling Racsa , how may I help you? Customer: yesterday, I had internet in my apartment via wireless , but today I can´t connect, I need to have this solved as soon as possible because I´m working on a final project.
TSAgent: I see, I´m sorry , how may help you?
Customer: my god, you are not paying attention (hang up)
Why the customer gets upset with Racsa technical support agent? Because he was _________ a. Yelling

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