The Eagle Of The Ninth Summary

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Marcus Flavius Aquila was part of the second Legion of the Roman Army and was asked to go to Britain to fight. His father was part of the ninth Legion which was disappeared some years before. The second Legion fought against the tribesmen for three times. Marcus was injured his leg. 2. LIFE AT UNCLE AQUILA’S
Marcus was in bed for six days. The Durimun soldiers came to help. Commander Herpinius took command of the fort. Marcus wasn’t a soldier any more because of his leg and he went to live with his uncle Aquila. Marcus went to Saturnania Games in the city and met an English family. They met a twelve or thirteen year old girl, with golden eyes. The slaves fought against wolves, and after,
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They met a hunter called Guert. Guert uses to whistle Roman songs. Marcus an Esca went to Guert’s home, and met Murna, his wife. >They realized that Guert had been a Roman soldier with the ninth Legion. Guert told a story about the legion. Sixty years ago they won the war, and they killed the Queen of Iccai tribe, Boudicca. That gave bad luck to the Legion. The Legate told the Legion that they will not be punished if they put down the weapons, but the men didn’t believe him, and he was killed.
Guert doesn’t know what happened to his father, and where is the Eagle now. He saw the tribesmen carrying the Eagle to the north. The tribe was the Epidaii. 6. STAYING WITH THE EPIDAII
They lived with the Epidaii and tried to cure a boy’s eyes with medicines. The met the keepers of the holy place, the guards of the tribe. There is a feast to celebrate when a boy becomes a man. The Feast of the New Spears. They say the los Eagle of the Legion. It had no wings. He also found his father ring. Dergdian was the chief. 7. TAKING THE EAGLE
They said the chief that they will leave to the south, and Dergdian wanted him to stay until spring. In the night, they went into the Place of Life and found the Eagle. Marcus gave the Eagle to Esca and took it out and put it in a place into the lake. They went away. They travelled along the lake. Seven tribesmen found them. Dergdian asked them to come back. During this time Marcus guarded a cow house for two days an three

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