The Ghost Of Green Lady Preguntas Final Libro Resueltas

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Chapter 1

1. Why was Billy Harrison surprised to see his father when he came home? -He was surprised because his father used to arrive late in the evening.

2. What did Billy‘s parents decide to do?

-They decided to send Billy to a boarding school.

3. What did Billy decide to put in his case?

-He decided to put his electronic inventions in his case.

4. What did Billy see when they arrived?

-He saw the enormous gardens, a small forest, a lake and an old church.

5. What did Billy want to do at the new school?

-He wanted to row in a canoe.

Chapter 2

1. Who were Billy’s new roommates?

-James, Alan and Mark were his new roommates.

2. What was the tradition at
…ver más…

Evans discover that Billy and James were watching him?

-Billy’s foot hit a can on the floor and it made a loud noise.

Chapter 8

1. What surprised Billy about Mr. Hopkins’ behavior?

-Mr. Hopkins didn’t phone the police.

2. According to Mr. Hopkins, why could he expel the boys?

-Because the broke many rules and they called their teacher a thief.

3. How did Billy feel about the events of that night?

-He was very angry.

Chapter 9

1. What did Billy decide to do the next morning?

-He decided to use his bugging device and hear the conversation between Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Evans.

2. Who offered to help Billy, and how?

-Mark offered to help him he will stick it under the table in the headmaster’s office.

3. When did Billy listen to the tape?

-He listened to it after school.

4. Billy heard somebody enter Mr. Hopkins’ room. Who was it?

-It was Mr. Evans.

5. What did Billy discover about Mr. Hopkins?

-He discovered that Mr. Hopkins was also a thief.

Chapter 10

1. What did Mr. Hopkins plan to do, and why?

-He planned to say Billy is the school thief.

2. Where was Billy when he phoned his father?

-He was in the end of the football field.

3. What did Billy’s father decide to do?

-He decided to call the police department in his area.

Chapter 11

1. What did Mr. Hopkins tell Billy to do?

-He told Billy to go

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