The Lotery Winner Resumen

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1 The title of the story is The Lottery Winner. Answer these questions.

1 Is there a lottery in your country?

Yes there is.

2 Do you sometimes buy a lottery ticket?

No I don’t

3 Do you know a lottery winner?

I don’t now

4 Is a lottery winner usually a happy person?

Yes it is happy

2 Read the back cover of the book. How much do you know? Now about the story? Complete these sentences.

1. Emma Carter is an old woman.

2. Emma buys a lottery ticket every week

3. Emma has got only a little money

4. Jason Williams steals money from old women

3 Read the story introduction on the first page of the bock, The
…ver más…
- Emma put an X on her lottery ticket.

4 The women in the charity shop believed Jason. - The women in the charity shop doesn’t believe Jason.

5 Mr Ray was happy when he heard Emma’s story.
- Mr Ray wasn’t happy when he heard Emma's story.

6 Sally Cash told Jason to telephone `Help the Children´. - Sally Cash didn’t tell Jason to telephone `Help the Children´.

Before you read the chapter 7, think about the chapter title, So
Who’s going to win? Who is going to win? Can you guess?

Read chapter 7, then answer these questions.

1 How many lawyers are working on the lottery ticket case?
-In this case worked four lawyers.

2 Why are they going to get a lot of money? -Because this case is hard solve but any ways they have to charge their fee.

1 Why did Emma always choose the same numbers for her lottery ticket? Why were they important to her?

5, 12, 23 ____her birthday 5 December 1923.

24, 38 ______She lived at 24 sandwich road for 38 years.

41________Her son Simon 41 years old.

What happens after the end of the story? You choose. Tick one box for each sentence. Then use some of the sentences to write a paragraph .Join your sentences with and, but or so where possible.

1 Emma gets a lot of

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