The Marti Pig Farm Investment Decision

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1. The Martí Pig Farm Investment Decision

In January 2002 the Martí family was considering several alternatives for investing €2m euros from the family trust. The project preferred by most of the family members was a €3m pig farm, pork production being the family’s traditional business, in which they had great expertise. But the typical return of a pig farm was not that great and it could cause a lot of headaches. So Pep, one of the members of the family, proposed a simple investment in the stock market that could get similar results with fewer problems. Since Pep was the only one with any financial expertise, he was assigned by the family to do an analysis of the profitability and risks.

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Finally, there were other pig farms that could be considered for the investment, but the Martí family did not have the numbers about these projects yet. After all, the returns would be similar to the project under consideration. Therefore, the family decided to fully study the risks and return of the pig farm project compared with the investment in stocks. If they went ahead with the pig farm, they would choose which one was best.

This Investment Project analysis is made in order to help Pep and submit a full study and recommendations to choose the most profitable option.

2. Situació òptima

En una situació normal amb una capacitat productiva de 23.041 porcs per any natural que són 41 unitats superiors a la que l’empresa tenia prevista i considerant una mitjana de 90 Kg. per porc criat i tenint en compte unes pèrdues del 7% total finalment tindríem 21.428 porcs en disposició de venda.
El total de porcs venuts ens suposaria la venta de 1.929.000 Kg. de porc, que venuts a un preu de mercat de 1,50 euros el quilo ens suposaria uns ingressos de 2.893.000 euros.

Tenim un total de 2.074.000 Kg. de porc produït sense tenir en compte la depreciació del 7%. En un principi a l’empresa el cost d’engreixar el porc 1 kg. li costaria 1,20 euros, i considerant unes expectatives de reducció de 0,15 euros per quilo obtindríem un cost final de 1,05 €/kg. El

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