"The Secrets Of Silver Lake" Resumen

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la traduccion a español esta un poco mal vale .. espero qe or sirva..=P The secrets of silver lake

Eddie, jon and their parents are a family whose are going to have the summer holiday at silver lake, lake on north of USA . the family Marks arrived at their wooden house, and started to choose their rooms. after that, Eddie's dad began repairing the wooden floor. that night the family eaten some sandwiches for dinner. the next morning. Eddie woke up first and went to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. he listened some people talking outdoor . he went and introduced the boys (richie and leo). they told Eddie that the house next him was haunted, there lived jack "the devil" derlin. he was a gangster who if somebody made him angry,
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Eddie had start the summer homework, every morning. but also had do it. the boys decided go to the boathouse at six o'clock in the evening. they arrived, and started to walk when someone caught Richie's arm and said"no what have we got here?" ahh! the boys shouted ! this man wasn't the scary man from the bay on the other side of the lake he was thin with dark hair and a dirty beard. "what are you boys doing on my property?" he shouted " we didn't know anyone lived here" said Eddie, the man asked them , who sent them here, taking a knife " no-one sent us" said Eddie nervously. the man will let they go if the boys never come back. if they tell someone about this, he will cut out their tongues. the boys accepted an then started to run for the next 3 days, Eddie ,Leo and Richie went to the police, with the boat. they told all about the 2 men. finally the police man called their parents, and went home. Eddie and his family went to Boston for 2 weeks, but when they returned, the policeman called Eddie's dad to bring Eddie. they arrived at the police station the 3 boys had to recognize the 2 men. Eddie was the last who did it. at end , silver lake turn into a normal place where you can take your holidays.

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Los secretos de Silver Lake

Eddie, Jon y sus padres son una familia cuyo van a tener las vacaciones de verano en Silver Lake, un lago en el norte de USA la familia Marks llegaron a su casa de madera, y comenzó a elegir a

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