The Stranger Norman Whitney

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H k,Chapter 1: A Stranger in Woodend:
Someone arrived at Woodend. He is a polite and good-looking man, he’s young and he looks rich.He asked for a room to stay one night. The next day the man looked around the village, and he meets some villages. Some days later he came back to advertise he will open a shop in Woodend.
Chapter 2: The Village Meeting:
The shop has created some troubles; because not all the people are agree to have a shop in this village. But Dave Slatin explain to the villages that he only want to be one of them, because he like people in Woodend. Then he explained what was his idea for the shop. In it they will find all the things what they need, but would also sell your products. All the people were agree and the shop
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When she arrived, she immediately saw an advertisement; there she could read the other letters of his briefcase: “ICS”.So she decided to ring at his company. She talked with the secretary and she explained that Arthur was going to Switzerland. Anna said her that she is going to phone again the next week.Before left London Anna bought a newspaper, there she could read that a private plane of ICS has been crashed. All of them have been dead within Arthur Riseman.
Chapter 13: The Special Orders Room:
The next day Dave left the shop earlier so Anna decided to have a look inside the Special orders room.First seemed that there was anything, but inside the boxes she could find money of around the world, a doll with broken arms and a magazine with his broken pages. But the Anna heard a voice behind his, someone was standing on the door.

Chapter 14: The Special Customers:
The person who was staying in the door was Dave Stallin. Anna started asking about the things in the room but he only said a part of truth. But then Dave started became angry and Anna felt afraid.Dave started telling which person who has helped, and now something wrong has passed to them.And Dave took Anna’s arm and held it tightly. Then Dave explained what he would like to do with Anna, like get married and have children.
Chapter 15: 31st October:

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