The body in the library

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The Body In The Library is a very interesting novel.
The author, Agatha Christie did a great job of keeping the curiosity of the reader, because to the end, don’t know who is the murderer.
I think that Miss Marple is an exellent research, because she is who resolve the crime.
I recommend it to all who enjoy thriller novels.

St Mary Mead: pueblo donde ocurre todo.
Gossington Hall: casa de los Bantry, donde se encuentra el cadáver.
Arthur Bantry: coronel retirat, propietari de Gossington. On ocurreix l’assesinat.
Dolly Bantry: dona de Arthur.
Mary: criá dels Bantry (maid)
Miss Jane Marple: amiga de dolly, li af¡grada resoldre casos. es qui resol l’assassinat.
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She had many friends there, including Colonel and Mrs Bantry.She had never married. She has a ordinary hobbies like bird-watching and gardening, and another hobby too, she solved murders.

Inspector Slack: no era muy amigo de Bantry. Slack was hard-working (trabajador), had a lot of energy, and asked people a lot of questions, but he did not care very much about their feelings.

Basil Blake: was good-looking, he was not a film star, but he was very popular at the Blue Boar Pub.

Ruby Keen: eighteen, job as a professional dancer, 1.6 metres, blonde hair, blue eyes. she was believed to be wearing a white evening dress and silver shoes. (se cree que llevaba un vestido de noche blanco y zapatos plateados).

JOSIE: she was a good-looking, Young woman of about thirty years old and appeared very calm and sensible. Her face was carefully made up (cuidadosamente maquillada). En la novela tambe es diu que ella es la cosine de Rubby.
RAYMOND STARR: was a tall, good-looking man with very white teeth (dientes muy blancos). He had a pleasant (agradable), friendly way of speaking and was very popular in the hotel.

Normalmente, en St Mary mead, la gente llama entre las 9 y 9:30 de la mañana para darse los recados.
Dolly va cridar a Miss Jane Marple a les 7:45h per contar-li el que había passat.
Ruby Keene va ser extrangulada.
Rubby va ser extrangulada entre les 10 i les 12 de la nit.
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