The dead of jericho

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Chief Inspector Morse: he is a clever man. He is a detective. He has 3 weaknesses: beer, women and Mozart.
Anne Scott: wide brown eyes, clear skin and generous mouth. Early thirties.
Sergeant Lewis: Morse’s assistant
George Jackson: he was sixty-six, short and thin with water blue eyes. He did odd jobs to his neighbors.
Mrs. Murdoch: A large, plain, cheerful woman in her late forties. He had 2 children
Michael and Edward Murdoch: (18 and 17 age) Mrs. Murdoch’s sons. Edward was to present an exam. Michael left the school, he turned to drugs and then he stayed at hospital.
Charles and Conrad Richards: Brothers who exchanged their names in the story.
Celia Richards: Charles’s wife, she was
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He said that the King would have a baby which killed him, so the King decided to kill his son first. Oedipus was given in adoption by a servant of the king, he raised him. One day, Oedipus return to see the Oracle, and he said that he was going to kill his father, so he decided to left her “father” and went to the town of the King, without knowing he was his father. Oedipus sews the Queen, his mother, and he fell in love with her. They got married and had a lot of children. When the Queen knew Oedipus was her child she decided to hanged herself, (as Anne) and when Oedipus knew the Queen was his mother, he decided to take out his eyes.
That’s the story, and Morse thought that the Queen was Anne, the King was Charles Richards and their son was Michael, because he was adopted by Mrs. Murdoch, he could be Anne’s son.
Mrs. Murdoch was passing difficult problems, she couldn’t take care of Edward as she wanted because Michael was on hospital, he was very ill. He was losing his vision of one eye and the doctors said it could be possible he came blind.
Next day Lewis investigated about Anne’s son and he discovered that he was given on adoption and three years later he died, so Michael couldn’t be her son.
So Morse had to thing in other options. He suspected of Conrad, because he never stayed when the officers had to interview the witnesses.
The story turned a little confusing, because it explains Conrad and Charles

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