The murders in the rue morgue and other stories. actividades resueltas.

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The masque of the red death.

1. Why did Prince Prospero decide to take his friends far away to one of his distant castles?
2. How was the suite in Prince Prospero’s castle different from suites in other palaces?
3. What happened when the clock in the black room struck the hour?
4. What happened when the clock stopped chiming?
5. What sis the people see alter the clock struck midnight?
6. How was the stranger like?
7. What did the people discover when they grabbed the masked figure and pulled off hid mask and costume?
8. Who was the stranger?

The pit and the pendulum.

1. What sentence did the court pronounce on the prisoner?
2. How did the narrator know he was not in a condemned cell?
3. How did the narrator
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3. He tore a part of the hem from the robe and placed the fragment at full length, and at right angles to the wall.
4. He found beside him a loaf and a pitcher with water.
5. He had advanced some ten or twelve paces, when the remnant of the torn hem of his robe became entangled between his legs. He stepped on it, and fell violently on his face.
6. He discovered a well with a large size.
7. Dying of thirst because they gave him too salty food.
8. While the narrator falls asleep for the third time the cell has more light.
9. The painted figure of Time and there was a machine just above him.
10. The pendulum had descended and had picked up more speed.
11. Kill him in agony watching the pendulum slowly descended.
12. He cut the belt with the pendulum.
13. Make him fall into the pit walls to contract.
14. In the end, the French troops (enemy of the Inquisition) saved the narrator of what would be his certain death.

“The murders in the rue Morgue”

1. when he was living in Paris
2. Because of their skills
3. For the wounds of the body
4. The police had no leads or suspects.
5. it was peculiar that all describe the voice as that of a foreigner
6. the murderer had to escape through the other window
7. the orangutan killed women
8. to put an ad in the newspaper that day about the disappearance of an orangutan
9. The orangutan was sold to the

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