The secret diary of adrian mole

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What are the new year resolutions?
Adrian Mole promised that:
− He would help blind people to cross the road.
− He would hang his trousers up.
− He would put his tapes back in their covers.
− He wouldn't start smoking.
− He would stop squeezing the spots on his face.
− He would be nice to the dog.
− He would help the poor.
− He wouldn't drink alcohol.
Why does Adrian think that his spot is growing?
He thinks that his spot is growing because his mother doesn't know about vitamins, and his diet is very poor. ·
When the dog has de operation, what does de vet find? Why?
The vet finds a lot of disgusting things. There are also plastic pirates from Adrian's father's boat. He finds the pirates because a few days ago, the dog
…ver más…
He gave them to Doreen Slater.
What happened when Adrian's grandmother found Adrian and his father reading by candlelight?
She went mad and said they had to go to her house. She also gave Adrian's father a cheque for the electricity bill.
Who solved Adrian's problem with Barry Kent?
Adrian's grandmother.
Why does Adrian hope that Bert Baxter doesn't die?
Because he likes him. And also because he doesn't have anything to wear to a funeral.
Why does Pandora think Adrian's father is racist?
Because when an Indian family moved into the Lucas' old house his father said it was `the beginning of the end of their street'.
What did Pandora say she had done with the money for Adrian's present?
She said she had given all her money to a poor man.
Why did Pandora tell Adrian they shouldn't see each other for a while?
Because she thought they were getting too serious.
Why is Adrian so worried about the operation to remove his tonsils?
Because his grandmother and Bert Baxter told him about someone who bled to death after his tonsils were removed. ·
Why did Adrian burn the telephone bill at the bonfire party?
He burned it because he didn't want his father to see how big it was.
Why did Adrian's mother leave Mr Lucas?
She left him because he treated her like a sex object, and he expected her to cook for him. And also because she was fond of his husband.
Why did they have Christmas lunch four hours

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