The verb

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Lista de verbos irregulars mas communes en el idioma Inglés __________________________________________________________________________________________ Presente be (am, is,are) bet begin break bring buy build bite blow can catch choose come cost cut do – does dream drink drive die eat fall feel fight find fly forget get give go grow have – has hide hit hurt keep know leave lend let lose make may pay meet put Pasado was – were bet began broke brought bought built bit blew could caught chose came cost cut did dreamt (R) drank drove died ate fell felt fought found flew forgot got gave went grew had hid hit hurt kept knew left lent let lost made might paid met put Participio been bet begun broken brought bought built bitten blown --------caught …ver más…
verbos regulares (terminacion “ed”)

admire answer arrive ask believe breathe brush call call up carry celebrate change clean climb close color complete cook cross dance dress enjoy erase ` explain finish follow form guide help hope hurry invite iron jump kick learn like live listen look love mail march milk

admired answered arrived asked believed breathed brushed called called up carried celebrated changed cleaned climbed closed colored completed

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