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Alcohol Problems In Teenagers, A Social Ill
Since old historical periods, society has considered the addictive, doped, and alcoholic people as weak and dysfunctional persons who do not have self-confidence to express themselves. For that reason they are searching solutions to their internal conflicts trying to forget their problems. A common one is alcoholic addiction in young people considered to a community’s fault unconsciously. Hence, a well common social ill of teenage drinking is still a problem due to unaccountability and family guidance. Teenagers are more propense to fall into an alcoholic addiction than mature people. According to MedicineNet.com it claims that “an addiction is a chronic relapsing condition characterized by
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According to a local newspaper of Monterrey El Porvenir de Monterrey mentioned that “it is important also because in the last days there have been occurring more road accidents related to alcohol which explains International statistics that 3.2 % of global deaths and 4% of lost of lives are generated for alcohol”, (Alcohol México 2007). This problems is not only in Mexico, even in the entire World; for example, the government of England and Wales has licensed to sell to someone over the age of 18, beer, wine or cider for a 16 to 17 year-old to accompany a meal in a restaurant (Law 2010). Perhaps, this law is appropriate in England, yet would it be socially acceptable in Mexico? Consequently, this kind of irresponsibility is what is increasing the number of victims addicted to alcohol since early age.
The irresponsibility in the family is the main fact that leads an alcoholic experienced in teenagers to an addiction. According to Soberana Sáez Sáez she claims “The main causes of alcoholism are family customs, social and personal pressures, education and social environment in which the individual has developed and how it has marked in one way or another, enabling to develop strategies or not, inadequate self-esteem to social demands which attempts to meet with the consumption of alcohol” (Sáez 2010). The dysfunctional families like alcoholic

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