Todas Las Preguntas De A Foreigner In Britain

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London (Chapters 1 and 2)

Antonio visited London with a Spanish friend and they went to a typical British pub but in Britain most of the pubs close so early and this surprised Pablo. The next afternoon Antonio took his friend to a good Hotel in the centre of London and drank a tea in a tearoom.

In New Year 's Eve Antonio and Pablo went to Trafalgar Square to listen the bells but they couldn 't hear to them because there were a lot of people.

They went to Globe Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames and saw a Shakespeare 's performance.

Later they travel by The Tube, one of most special places of London and they was surprised to see a Muslim woman who only her eyes were uncovered. I can 't understand this reaction because
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Antonio visited other towns and remembered another stories, finally he finished his article but didn 't win the competition but the important is that the magazine published it.

Manchester (Chapter 8)

Antonio was in a Thai restaurant with his cousin Louise when she exclaimed that in front of they was sitting David Beckham and the mentality of Britain people is that a famous is public property (this is very fun) and she went to ask her and Victoria Adams autographs.

At night Antonio and Louise went to a fantastic club until 2.00 am. The next day Antonio went to Old Trafford stadium and met David and Steve, they seen an important match.

Edinburgh and More of Scotland (Chapters 9 and 10)

Antonio had a friend in Edinburgh since he had 14 because his school had an exchange with a school from this city that is the capital of Scotland.

Six years later Antonio went to visit his friend, Martin, and they went to the Martin 's flat where there were two flat mates, Paul and Alison.

In Edinburgh was Festival time and they went to see it, there were a lot of clowns, mime artists, actors and musicians, they went to see Rowan Atkinson, the next day had a picnic and went to the circus.

Martin took Antonio to north for a few days and there went to Dunkeld where despite the bad weather was celebrating the Games, a competition called “Tossing the Caber”, the Cabers were tree trunks.

Another day they camp in mountain in the rain and the next day

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