Tony blair : adress to irish parliament

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Tony Blair. Adress to Irish Parliament. November 26, 1998.

The text is a political speech adressed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to Irish Parliament.
It took place in Ireland in 1998, being the first time that a British Prime Minister spoke to Irish Parliament. A Parliament formed eighty years before to defy the English government. But the meaning of his words had their importance not only in that way, but it also made history in many other statements.
The discourse meaning was not only adressed to Irish and British people. It was also a speech towards the whole humankind, as an example of how two nations, historically divided and conflicted of interests, with a sad and painfull past between them, can work
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This is just an example of the very much good things they share. And he believes that this is the way they need to promote in order to advance along the way of the peace process.

This idea of a better future for all if they work together, is seen all over the text. British people wants peace and understanding, and Irish people thinks so. Even when he, as Prime Minister, is asked by victims of violence about the freeing of terrorist, which represents a very hard matter, he express the desire that in a near future there wont be more victims . Freeing terrorist is a part of the agreement.

As the Irish had voted to end the territorial claim over Northern Ireland. Everybody has to give something in order to receive something too. That is the way politics works.

But the peace process was not only a bilateral negotiation. People from diferent countries had participated and had supported the meetings and conversations towards a common understanding.

People such as Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America at that time, whose politics after the George Bush neoliberal era, where nearest Blair´s social politics; or many other politicias from Ireland and Great Britain, like John Major and Albert Reynolds.

The main idea of the test is that future can heal the past. They are two different countries whith a common

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