Touchstone level 3 respuestas

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[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] DRAG AND DROP Manner adverbs and adjectives
[Instructions:] Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. There is one extra word.

[Answer Choices:] different hard differently quickly

1. My life is very busy, and I’m often in a hurry, so I do everything [quickly]. My friends tell me I need to slow down, and I think they’re right. I’m going to try_[hard]_ to plan my time [differently] in the future.

[Answer Choices:] carefully fast careful strongly

2. I don’t like it when people drive too _[fast]_. It’s just not safe. I’m a _[careful]_ driver, and I think people should drive slowly. I feel pretty [strongly] about it.

…ver más…

|1. He’s always playing loud music. [*g] |
| | |
|b. Well, at least he pays for dinner. |2. She’s always borrowing my clothes. [*d] |
| | |
|c. Yeah, but at least he gets good grades. |3. She’s always coming home late. [*f] |
| | |
|d. Well, at least she returns them to you. |4. He’s always taking my CDs. [*a] |
| | |
|e. Well, at least you find them again. |5. He’s always falling asleep in class. [*c] |
| | |
|f. Yeah, but at least she calls first. |6. I’m always losing my keys. [*e] |

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