Trabajo De Italia En Ingles

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Colegio Motolinia de Antequera
Sección: Bachillerato
Profa. Yuridia Morales

Gaby Pineda Pérez
Isabel Soledad Salinas
Héctor Miranda
Aletzia Bonilla


With this work, we try to announce what really is Italy as sovereign country, besides which we take the location that has in the European continent and the meaning of the flag, the celebrations, the gastronomy, the tourist places and the gown, explaining thoroughly each of the points. Also we will visualize that it makes it be such a developed country, the principal economic sectors of the country are the tourism, the mode, the engineering, the chemical products, the car and the supply(food). Besides that we will know that the Italian
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Carnaval is one of the most celebrated holiday in italy, the Venecia being the most famous though you can similar celebtations in Viareggio (Tuscany) and Acireale (Sicily) declared a public holiday in the thirteenth century, The Carnaval represented a sing deeds and events as the victory over the turks at the battle of Lepanto in 1571. The holyweek is one of the largest celebrations taking place in the Vatican, emphasizing the Good Friday Via Crucis of followed by the Holy Fater.
Italian cosine is famous for its delicious taste and fascinating variety. It reflects the cultural variety of its regions and there are many influences dishes like: Pasta, pizza, lasagna, Baguetts, wine.
The you can find best pizza in the city of Naples, Italy.
Food cooked dough from Italy, which has similarity with Flat bread (Arabic) and consists of a thin base - usually round.
The pizza became so popular by a known chef named Rafael Esposito.
He elaborated the pizza with the colors of the flag: red of the tomato sauce, green of the basil and white of manchego cheese.
The best wines of Italy.
Chianti. (Toscana): classic wine of blackberries and strawberries
Barolo (Piemonte): Ruby red color, fragrance pronounced

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