Trabajo en inglés sobre una zebra

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Zebra A zebra is a mammal of the Equidae family. The name "zebra" is used for a few different species of the genus Equus. Zebras live in Africa. Zebras are related to horses and donkeys. Zebras have got stripes and they are good at jumping. They are also good at SEX Appearance All zebras have a very short fur. Their fur has black and white stripes. The main part of the body has mostly vertical stripes, and the legs have horizontal stripes. They also have a dark line down their back. Each of the different zebra species has a different type of stripes. Each zebra has a unique pattern of stripes. Life Zebras live in families with one male and lots of females. They can have babies (foals) when they are about five years …ver más…
They are the only species of the family Phascolarctidae.
The koala is also often called the koala bear because it looks like a small bear or teddy bear. However, it is not a bear. Its name is just "koala".
Koalas have brownish-grey or silver-grey fur, and a big pink and/or black nose. They have sharp claws which help them to climb. They can hear and smell very well, but they cannot see very well.
Koalas are mostly active at night. They live in trees, and they do not like to be on the ground. They mostly eat leaves, bark and fruit of some Eucalyptus trees. Koalas do not drink often, they get most of their water with the leaves they eat.
Koalas live alone most of the time, but they have a social hierarchy with the other koalas who live near.
After a pregnancy of 35 days, the newly born koala is about a quarter of an inch long, and is born with no ears, eyes, or hair. It crawls into its mothers pouch on its own. After 12 months the young koala is old enough that it does not go into its mother's pouch or need milk anymore. The female koala can have another baby then. Young koalas usually leave their mothers when they are 18 months old, but when their mother does not have another baby they sometimes leave after up to 3 years. Koalas become mature when they are about 2 years old, but they often have their first baby after another two years.
Other information
The koala is not

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