Traduccion de trabajo de ingles. sobre el dia de la raza y el descubrimiento de america.

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Section “E.”

1.¿Qué sucedió el 12 de octubre?

Asian and northern European Vikings were the first to visit America and even form colonies, but the discovery of Columbus will remain the most historically important trade and cultural exchange that took place in consequence thereof.

The significance of October 12, 1492 is complex but we know as fact that a European group led by Christopher Columbus landed on American shores specifically to the island of Guanahani (Bahamas archipelago) which was then called San Salvador, and moreover,met with the
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3.¿Quién fue Cristóbal colon?

Born in Genoa (some authors refer to Columbus as: Catalan, Castilian, French, Greek, etc.

He was the son of a couple of humble weavers Fontanarrosa Diego Columbus and Susan, who were carding wool.

He became interested in sailing as a child, working as a cabin boy from a young age.

In 1477, he lived in Lisbon, Portugal, where he spent drawing maps and married Felipa Perestrello Muñiz, daughter of Bartholomew Perestrello, an Italian sailor who was the service of Henry the Navigator).

From this marriage, born about 1482, his son Diego Columbus.Over the years he lived in Portugal, Columbus conceived the project of sailing west to reach the Indian project to elevate the consideration of King John II, requesting their support. The ruler consult with their advisers and they rejected it, not impossible but because the country had excellent marine and needed the services of an alien whom nobody knew as cosmographer or as a sailor, and demanded that rewards Columbus seemed exorbitant.

Given the failure and the death of his wife (1484) travels with his son Diego to Spain, housed in the Convent of La Rabida, where the monks accepted their theories and projects.

Wanted to get to the East Indies, which meant land would find great riches.

In 1486, the Catholic Monarchs for the first time they received Columbus in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), but a panel of experts do not agree to their projects.


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