Traduccion emerald crown

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Chapter one: ‘A Strange Man’
Holmes, i said one morning. ‘Come over here to the window. There’s a very strange man in our street’. My friend, the famous detective sherlock Holmes, got up slowy from his chair. Hestood behind me, witj his hands in his pockets, and loocked down into backer street. It was a cold february morning, and the snow of the day before was on the road.
The man in the street was about fifty tall, and fat. He wore expensive clothes – a long black coat, a tall ha tan dar trousers. He ran along the street ,an he looked very worried. His hands went up and down quickly, and his head moved from left to right.
‘What’s wrong with him?’ i said. ‘he’s looking at the numbers on all the houses.’
‘Watson’,said Holmes. ‘he’s
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He’s going to come back on monday morning for the crown.
But then i started to feel worried. One night last week somebody went into a bank not far from us Threadneedle Street, and took a hundred thousand pounds from from the building. I was unhappy about leaving the Emerald Crown at the bank, So last night i took it home with me.
I left work at about sox o’ clock. I closed the door of the bank behind me and i looked cerrefuly up and down Threadneedle Street. In the dark nobody saw me put the black box under my coat. I then took a carriage back to my house in Streamtham. It was, of course, a cld, snowy evening and the carriage drove along very slowy. There was only one man in the carriage with me and he didn’t see the box. I know: Ihad it under my coat all the time.
I felt pleased when i arrived home. I ran upstairs to my office and put the black box into the desk there. Y locked the desk with a key and then went over to the window. Just then. I saw somebody- a stranger- in the front garden.
I couldn’t see his face. He wore a hat and a long coat. When he saw me at the window, he suddenly walked away. I remember one thing about him: when he walked. One of his legs moved strangely.
I then ran quickly downstairs and out into the garden. ‘Hello. Who’s there?’ i

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