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As bad as the economic and physical situation was for Southern blacks in the aftermath of the Civil War, conditions were even worse for the region's white population. F The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery throughout the South in 1863. F Republicans were afraid that the quick return of the Southern states to Congress would lead to more Democratic votes, thereby increasing the likelihood that Congress would establish protective tariffs and subsidize railroads. F President Lincoln believed that a lenient Reconstruction policy would encourage Southern Unionists and other Southern Whigs to become Republicans and build a stronger party in the South. T John Wilkes Booth acted completely on his own in plotting to murder President …ver más…

F Prior to the arrival of significant numbers of English-speaking settlers, an elite group of landowning Hispanics dominated life in California. T The "Rocky Mountain School" of artists mostly painted realistic pictures that showed the rigorous lives of trappers, miners, and cowboys. F Coolies" were Chinese indentured servants whose status was somewhat like slavery. T In the late nineteenth century, most California residents favored increased Chinese immigration because there was a labor shortage and the Chinese would work for low wages. F The Timber Culture Act, Desert Land Act, and Timber and Stone Act provided avenues for westerners to acquire larger tracts of land than were allowed under the Homestead Act. T The working class in the American West was racially diversified and stratified. T
The so-called Turner thesis argued that the existence of the frontier was vitally important to the shaping of the American character. T Prostitution was common in the mining boomtowns. T When the "long drive" era began, there was an excess of cattle in Texas, so cowboys drove huge herds to rail centers in Louisiana, especially New Orleans, for shipment to the East. F Although the Bureau of Indian Affairs was chronically underfunded and understaffed, the reform-minded whites who ran it established a solid reputation for honesty, efficiency, and sincere concern for the well-being of the Native Americans they served. F Although small, the Nez Percé

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